Martin Klapperbein

Martin Klapperbein is making a name for himself as a distinctive voice in filmmaking. The emerging director, editor and VFX artist, crafts commercials through to short films that blur the bounds of reality and explore unconventional narratives. Drawing from his past life making skate videos, Klapperbein is a fearless creator. Known for his reality warping music videos, his recent turn toward more serious subject matter has been met with acclaim. Klapperbein’s most recent project, Wake won a Vimeo staff pick award.

Driven to push himself beyond the conventional boundaries of storytelling, Klapperbein loves to play within the narrative of any given project. Coming from a comedy background, the director has a way of weaving humor into the mundane – to illuminate small moments. And if you look closely, you just might catch a cameo from him. But his true style signature is his adapt use of CG, composting and animation to augment his work in strange and wonderful ways. Klapperbein’s work is unconstrained and evocative, inviting the audience to explore the divide between the conscious and unconscious mind.