Shaping a brand means first grasping its meaning then giving it a language to express itself. By adding a search for beauty and a heart full of sensitivity to this language, creations become worlds unto themselves and brands become emotional trajectories. This is how Rodrigo Sergio gives the brands he works with their very own unique colours and accents.

A renowned visual artist, art director and set designer, Rodrigo has a gift for bringing forth the full potential of a brand’s personality through his dynamic visuals. What’s more, his contagious natural energy inspires creative talents to come together on the same mission: to take pleasure in stretching their artistic limits and give life to creations that dazzle and amaze the eye of the beholder.

Google, FIZZ, Cirque du Soleil, Kijiji and Desjardins are just a few of the brands that have entrusted their most demanding creative projects to Rodrigo. Playing with symmetries, perspectives and structures, Rodrigo creates open visual spaces that break down a brand’s boundaries so that possibility spills forth.