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Profoto Power Pack Pro-10 (2400 w/s)

Profoto ProHead Plus (2400 w/s Ultra Fast)

Profoto KIt (Pro-10 + 2x ProHead Plus)

Profoto Air Remote Universal

Softbox LiteDome Large/Medium/Small

Grid For LiteDOme Softbox Large/Medium

Silver Umbrella PhotoFlex 45"

Octa 7' Elinchrom Litemotiv

Octa 5' Chimera Photo/Video

Profoto Beauty Dish 22" White

Grid For Profoto Beauty Dish 22"

Profoto Beauty Dish 22" Diffuser

Profoto Speedring

Elinchrom Speedring

Profoto Grid Kit 7" 5•/10•/20•

Profoto ProHead Plus Extension 5m

Skypanel Arri S60

Softbox Chimera For Skypanel Arri S60

Grid 30•/60• For Skypanel Arri S60

Remote Skypanel Arri S60

Manfrotto Stand 1004BAC

C Stands + Grip Arms

Super Boom Manfrotto 025BS

Mega Boom Manfrotto + Manfrotto Stand 387XU

Studio Stand IFF Salon 7,5'

Sandbags 25lb