Raphaël Ouellet

If Raphaël Ouellet were a fruit, he’d be a pineapple. Thorny on the outside but pleasant and sweet on the inside (although a bit fibrous), he’s from Rimouski and works in Montreal. Raphaël directs movies and composes photos that deal with people, their values and the issues that matter to them. He strives to understand what drives people to “keep calm and carry on” day after day, and he’s tirelessly, wholeheartedly devoted to this quest. Raphaël refers to himself in the third person only when he writes his biography.

Thus, it can be said that he’s won over fifty international awards from prestigious institutions like Clio, PDN, Communication Arts and American Photography. The previous sentence makes him a little uncomfortable, but what’s the point of winning prizes if they’re not mentioned in your bio? Otherwise, let it be known that this big-hearted talent absolutely adores people above all.